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Most corporate tax departments at one time or another require outside assistance from outside tax consultants. Such help may come in the form of the complete tax outsourcing to handling more limited tasks such as audits, appeals, or the outsourcing of certain troublesome tax returns.

To complement its software and services TCI has developed alliances with tax consulting vendors to provide joint customers with a complete state and local tax solution. Such firms include:

How Familiar is Your Services Vendor with Your Software?

Eliminate Time Wasted Transferring Data

Rather than wasting time exporting data for the consultantís use and manually entering the results of their work, simply provide a PTMS and LicenseHQ Consultant with access to your system. You can configure system security to limit the consultantís access to the data of interest and instantly modify such access as the scope of their work dictates.

Eliminate Time Wasted Explaining Your Internal Systems and Procedures

While all tax departments vary, PTMS and LicenseHQ Consultantsí expert knowledge of PTMS and LicenseHQ positions them to understand many of your internal tax procedures. Such consultants will have a more intuitive feel for your operations and understand how you need your results delivered.

Provides You with Future Flexibility

Since the PTMS database structure is standard, you can easily move your data from one PTMS system to another. So in the event you elect to outsource your compliance, going with a PTMS Consultant not only makes it easy to deliver your tax data, but it also positions you to seamlessly take it back in-house in the future. No conversion or modification of your data is necessary. The same holds true for LicenseHQ.