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Automate Property Tax Document Management with Document for PTMS

Property Tax Document Management Software for PTMS

When facing the overwhelming deadlines which accompany busy seasons, it is easy to lose track of critical documents such as returns, correspondence with taxing authorities, notices, bills, appeal and audit documentation, and other tax department paperwork. How many places do you typically need to search before you find what you’re looking for, if at all? How many filing cabinets? How many colleagues’ desks? How many network directories?

In addition to the countless hours wasted searching for missing documents, manual document management can also result in failed audits, document replacement costs, and other painful consequences.

Document for PTMSThat’s why we developed Document for PTMS. Document interfaces with PTMS to automatically collect and organize property tax documents and make them easily accessible to you not only from inside PTMS, but anywhere.

Property Tax Document Management Solution for PTMS


Save Time and Money with Easier Document Management with Document for PTMS

Creates a Central Document Repository

Document creates and maintains a central repository organizing all property tax documents that is accessible from anywhere and connects your entire tax department with the information they need.

Catalogs All Documents for Easy Search and Retrieval

Document catalogs all documents and tags them with descriptive metadata (such as the site, jurisdiction, assessor, collector, or account information associated with the document). Its powerful search tools make it easy to query documents and minimize the time it takes to locate documents of interest.

Document Management Software for Property Tax

Integrates Seamlessly with PTMS

Documents sent from PTMS are linked to their respective PTMS records (site, parcel, tax bill, etc.) inside Document. These links provide you with instant access to your documents from inside the PTMS application and enables PTMS to build relationships with other documents as they become available (such as the assessment notice tied to a tax return).

Secures Documents for Easier Audits and Strengthens SOX Controls

By securing your final documents with SOX-compliant controls and providing powerful search tools, your entire tax library is at your fingertips, making for easier, more successful audits.

Reduces Document Storage Costs

Document requires no IT infrastructure investment on your part.

See How Much Time and Money PTMS and Document Will Save You

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