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Control Your Property Tax Processes using Dashboard for PTMS

PTMS Property Tax Software is Property Tax Made Simple

With hundreds or thousands of property tax deadlines to meet throughout the year, it is easy for tasks to slip through the cracks. Missing property tax deadlines exposes your company to significant interest and penalties, not to mention the impact they have on job performance, productivity, and security. That’s why we developed Dashboard to provide both managers and accountants the metrics they need to successfully manage their workload.

Save Time and Money through Proactive Management

Dashboard for PTMS features role-specific views to provide unparalleled visibility into your property tax processes ensuring you receive real-time information critical to your responsibilities and departmental roles. Dashboard will save you time and money by:

Obtain Instant Access to Critical Metrics

Dashboard displays easy-to-understand data that helps you assess whether you are on track to meet critical property tax deadlines and take appropriate action. Relevant columns representing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are available to help you proactively manage tasks associated with property tax return filings, assessments, appeals, and tax payments. And since its interface is so easy to use, non-PTMS end users can get the data they need with virtually no training.

Avoid Interest and Penalties by Eliminating Missed Deadlines

Dashboard alerts identify deadlines in critical danger of being missed as well as deadlines coming due but not yet at a critical stage. Dashboard displays status information for each pending deadline using a color-coded system so tax executives and tax analysts address tasks with the proper urgency. Additional Dashboard features enable you to create and save customized views so you see your data the way you want it, when you want it.

PTMS Property Tax Software is Property Tax Made Simple

Ensure Accurate Measurement of Tax Department Productivity

The Executive Summary provides tax executives with overall compliance process metrics. Managers may drill down from any summary view to access more granular data and deadline information. Such information is critical to evaluating individual and team performance.

Improve Ability to Prioritize Resources

All deadlines are not created equal, so it is important to know how much each contributes to your overall burden. The size of your portfolio in certain states and jurisdictions may dictate a need to allocate greater resources to effectively meet deadlines on time. Likewise, the risk of missing deadlines associated with high dollar properties may dictate a need to allocate resources to the related tasks well in advance of the due date. Dashboard quantifies the taxable value and estimated property tax of each deadline allowing you to allocate resources accordingly.

…Without Sacrificing Security

Access to information within Dashboard is governed by the PTMS User Manager, resulting in the ability to regulate who has access to the information available within Dashboard.

See How Much Time and Money PTMS and Dashboard Will Save You

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