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Automate Data Entry with Capture for PTMS

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Data entry poses one of the most significant challenges facing corporate tax departments due to the paper-intensive manner in which state and local tax authorities communicate taxable value and their resulting taxes levied (e.g., tax bills and assessment notices). As a result of jurisdictions’ reliance on paper and the lack of standards for the layout of notices and bills, taxpayers spend an inordinate amount of time manually:

Save Time and Money via Data Entry Automation

Capture for PTMS uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to capture tax data from scanned tax bills and assessment notices and then uploads the data to PTMS. Capture:

Save Time and Money via Data Entry Automation with Capture for PTMS Capture for PTMS: OCR for Property Tax

Minimizes Manual Data Entry

Use the OCR technology embedded in Capture to pull data from documents such as tax bills and assessment notices minimizing the time associated with data entry. Managers can implement oversight rules to ensure data validation. PTMS may then access the data for further processing. Capture catalogs and stores all scanned documents for easy future access.

See How Much Time and Money PTMS and Capture Will Save You

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