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Tax Compliance, Inc. Announces the Release PTMS 5.0

San Diego, California - July 15, 2013

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the release of PTMS 5.0, which includes the Assessment and Appeals Manager, PTMS Audit, and vehicle proration for companies who need to prorate property taxes by jurisdiction.

The PTMS Assessment and Appeals Manager provides a single place for property tax professionals to perform all tasks related to property valuation: from entry and approval all the way to the conclusion of an appeal. When property values are loaded via import or manually, the Assessment and Appeals Manager reviews the allocations PTMS made and compares them to other values (e.g., rendered values) already in PTMS. The Assessment and Appeals Manager can also allocate notice values to either the account or detail level (if further processing is needed for tax allocation purposes). In case the decision is made to contest an assessment, the PTMS Assessment and Appeals Manager tracks other important information (notice date, appeal due date, etc.) that appear on your assessment notices and is useful during the appeals process. It also catalogs the progress of each appeal, organizes associated file attachments, and tracks any incremental changes to property values during the appeal.

"Our customers wanted a single place for all valuation-related activities," said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI, "so we developed the Assessment and Appeals Manager to save them time, clicks, and provide them with greater transparency and management controls."

The PTMS Audit module adds another level of security to your PTMS installation, providing a detailed log (user name, time, date, module, and data scope) of activities that affect your system or property data. Specific changes, such as property value modifications — are now tracked and can be reviewed in the PTMS Audit module. Tax professionals working with the PTMS Audit module will appreciate an improved ability to review process workflows and productivity, as well as the ability to trace erroneous changes back to a specific PTMS user, date, and time.

PTMS 5.0 also supports the calculation of prorated values for vehicles. You can base your proration calculations on either mileage or time, depending on the rules for each jurisdiction. Vehicle lessors can process tax bills against the prorated values and export the bills to Accounts Receivable for reimbursement.

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