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Tax Compliance, Inc. and WALZ Group Forge Alliance to offer Certified Mail Solutions via PTMS

San Diego, California - December 1, 2008

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) and WALZ Group today announced a strategic sales alliance that provides Walz Desktop Solutions for certified mail via TCI's PTMS property tax software. WALZ's CertifiedPro® software leverages a Software as a Service (SAAS) model to provide integrated access that greatly reduces the time and mailing costs associated with fulfilling certified mail for corporate tax departments.

Companies are frequently subject to significant interest and penalties for missing property tax deadlines. Ensuring compliance with relevant deadlines requires that tax departments manually fill out forms for USPS Certified Mail when mailing returns, appeals, tax payments, and other critical documentation that need to be tracked to their intended recipient. Considering the high volume of mailings and the many state and local deadlines associated with property tax compliance, there are substantial time and cost burdens on a tax department.

PTMS powered by WALZ's® software automates the completion of Walz Certified Mailers and thereby significantly reduces the time associated with completing USPS Certified Mail forms. PTMS now transmits data directly to WALZ’s® service, completely eliminating the manual and labor-intensive fulfillment process. PTMS electronically interfaces with WALZ’s TrackRight™ solution to track the mail piece delivery to its end point via USPS and provides online access to images of the signed Return Receipt images. This joint solution also saves $0.30 on USPS Return Receipt Fees per mailing piece.

"Our customers will greatly benefit from having access to WALZ’s CertifiedPro® software directly within PTMS," said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. "The automated data transfer provides our joint customers a new solution which will save many customers countless hours and drive significant cost savings each year."

"We thought that PTMS was a natural fit for our® software solution," said Charles Campbell, SVP of Desktop Solutions at Walz. "PTMS provides a seamless interface to our application." He added, "Customers handling property tax documents via USPS certified mail will find this to be a straightforward path toward taking out a significant pain point."

About TCI

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) develops state and local tax software solutions for corporations. Its primary products include PTMS property tax compliance software and LicenseHQ business license and permit management software. TCI has been proudly serving customers since 1993 and continues to be the market leader with a customer base of over 500 companies, including more than 50 of the Fortune 100®. TCI's target market includes medium to large corporations and outsource providers possessing multiple locations which create a significant tax compliance burden best managed with automation.

About The WALZ Group

The Walz Group assists financial institutions, law firms, mortgage servicers and trustees automate the fulfillment and tracking of critical communications using USPS Certified and First Class Mail, digital dialing, and text messaging. Walz' TrackRight™ software provides detailed data and reporting capabilities which helps ensure regulatory compliance and risk mitigation for clients. Companies can also utilize Walz Desktop Solutions to remote-print, mail, and track correspondence using Walz-patented automated mailers, and USPS Return Receipt Electronic. Walz Desktop Solutions is the largest provider of privately printed and approved USPS Certified Mail forms. Utilizing the latest in intelligent work technology, Walz significantly improves mail and data integrity and enhances the secure flow of information and documents among participants.