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Property Tax Solutions and Business License Solutions by TCI

Tax Compliance, Inc. and Business Licenses, LLC Forge Alliance Integrating Web’s Largest Online License Form Database into LicenseHQ

San Diego, California - May 8, 2008

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) and Business Licenses, LLC today announced a strategic alliance with the integration of Business Licenses, LLC's Online License Database into TCI's LicenseHQ license compliance software. The alliance combines the Web's largest license form database with LicenseHQ's cutting-edge workflow and reporting tools to create a complete license solution minimizing the amount of time customers spend on costly research tasks and overall license compliance costs.

Business license compliance is a constantly evolving burden for many companies. The opening and closing of corporate locations, changes in jurisdictional requirements, and new license forms and fee schedules all combine to create substantial challenges for corporations looking to minimize overhead costs. The result is frustrated and overworked compliance personnel wasting valuable time researching license compliance requirements, obtaining necessary forms, and gathering internal data in an attempt to adhere to hundreds, or even thousands, of deadlines each year. While most license fees are nominal, the cost of non-compliance can be substantial, including significant revenue losses due to site closures.

"Our customers will greatly benefit from having instant access to Business Licenses, LLC's Online License Database, license research, audit, and gap analysis capabilities embedded within LicenseHQ," said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. "The combined strength of our workflow and reporting tools with their forms and services provides our joint customers a ground-breaking solution saving many customers thousands of dollars each year."

"We thought LicenseHQ was a natural fit for our Online License Database and license compliance tools," said David Polatseck, President of Business Licenses, LLC. "LicenseHQ provides a seamless interface for our information services." He added, "We think customers will be amazed at how much data they have at their fingertips, and how much time they will save."

About TCI

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) develops state and local tax software solutions for corporations. Its primary products include PTMS property tax compliance software and LicenseHQ business license and permit management software. TCI has been proudly serving customers since 1993 and continues to be the market leader with a customer base of over 500 companies, including more than 50 of the Fortune 100®. TCI's target market includes medium to large corporations and outsource providers possessing multiple locations which create a significant tax compliance burden best managed with automation.