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Tax Compliance, Inc. Acquires the PTS Corporate® Property Tax Software Formerly Marketed by Burr Wolff, L.P.

San Diego, California - February 28, 2007

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI), a subsidiary of MLM Information Services, has acquired the PTS Corporate® property tax compliance software from the bankruptcy trustee overseeing the estate of Burr Wolff, L.P. TCI, through its flagship software product, Property Tax Management System (PTMS), is the leading provider of corporate property tax compliance software. PTS Corporate® is in use by many of the nation's leading corporations in the airline, oil and gas, retailing, and telecommunications industries. Together, PTMS and PTS Corporate® meet the compliance needs of more than 600 corporations and outsource service providers.

"We are pleased to welcome the PTS Corporate® clients to TCI. Many of them are already clients of CORPTAX, MLM's market-leading provider to corporate income tax departments. This successful outcome for these clients is a result of MLM's commitment to the corporate tax market, our significant financial resources, and the capabilities of the TCI team," said Mason Slaine, Chairman and CEO of MLM.

"TCI looks forward to supporting the PTS Corporate® clients so they can complete their filings for the current compliance season," said Scott Strauss, TCI's CEO. "PTS Corporate® has many useful features and functions that TCI is incorporating into PTMS to facilitate the smooth transition of PTS Corporate® users to PTMS. Even before TCI's acquisition of the PTS Corporate® software, more than 25 PTS Corporate® clients had already transitioned to PTMS in the past several months, further solidifying TCI's position as the leading property tax software vendor."

Several former key members of the Burr Wolff staff have also joined TCI. Mike Mulinix, Judy Boatman, Anna Williams and Lisa Cook were hired specifically for their strong knowledge of the PTS Corporate® software and their abilities to provide support, training, and consulting services. Judy Boatman commented, "We are working hard to ensure the smooth transition of PTS Corporate® clients to PTMS and to build a long-term relationship with each client so that we can meet their individual requirements."

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Tax Compliance, Inc. develops, markets, and supports Property Tax Management System (PTMS), a highly automated real and personal property tax compliance software system currently used by more than 500 corporations, including 45 Fortune 100® corporations. PTMS allows its users to manage the valuation of their real and personal property to ensure they pay the lowest legal tax while also reducing their cost of tax compliance. The software is backed by a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee. The benefits of PTMS are also available through a TCI-hosted (ASP) format and on an outsource basis through more than 50 outsource service providers licensed to use PTMS. For more information, visit