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Tax Compliance, Inc. Announces the Availability of Its Property Tax Management System as an ASP Hosted Solution

San Diego, California - February 6, 2006

Tax Compliance Inc., the leading provider of property tax software for U.S. corporations, now offers its Property Tax Management System (PTMS) in an ASP hosted environment. Hosted PTMS systems run on dedicated TCI servers that are accessed by PTMS users via the Internet. This hosting arrangement virtually eliminates all involvement of the client's IT department, as all setup, system maintenance and data backup is performed by TCI on a regular basis. All software updates and enhancements (including new releases and tax data updates) are also implemented by TCI.

"TCI now offers the property tax community a perfect combination: the efficiency and ease of use of the most powerful, widely used property tax software with the convenience of direct Internet access. TCI has three times as many property tax software systems installed as do all its competitors combined, which makes PTMS the obvious choice for any tax department considering property tax software in a hosted ASP environment," said Scott Strauss, Executive Vice President of TCI.

Eric Vonk, Director of Client Services, added, "Not only is the setup of PTMS on a TCI hosted server a snap, but PTMS and its database can be switched from a client's in-house server to a TCI hosted server (or vice verse) in a matter of hours—all at no cost to the client. No other property tax software vendor offers its clients this ability to so easily accommodate their changing needs."

About TCI

Tax Compliance, Inc. develops, markets, and supports Property Tax Management System (PTMS), a highly automated real and personal property tax compliance software system currently used by more than 500 corporations, including 45 Fortune 100® corporations. PTMS allows its users to manage the valuation of their real and personal property to ensure they pay the lowest legal tax while also reducing their cost of tax compliance. The software is backed by a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee. The benefits of PTMS are also available through a TCI-hosted (ASP) format and on an outsource basis through more than 50 outsource service providers licensed to use PTMS. For more information, visit