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Tax Compliance, Inc. Announces Up-To-Date Tax Information on the World Wide Web

San Diego, California - November 4, 1999

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI), the leading provider of property tax compliance software to corporate tax departments, today announced that it has enhanced the Customer Zone of this website by adding a feature that Property Tax Management System (PTMS) users can now access for up-to-date tax information. Assessor and collector information, as well as the latest asset depreciation and index tables, can now be downloaded from this web site to each userís computer. Step-by-step instructions allow the user to then import the downloaded tax data into PTMS. All tax information is updated on a regular basis by TCI.

About TCI

Tax Compliance, Inc. develops, markets, and supports Property Tax Management System (PTMS), a highly automated real and personal property tax compliance software system currently used by more than 500 corporations, including 45 Fortune 100® corporations. PTMS allows its users to manage the valuation of their real and personal property to ensure they pay the lowest legal tax while also reducing their cost of tax compliance. The software is backed by a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee. The benefits of PTMS are also available through a TCI-hosted (ASP) format and on an outsource basis through more than 50 outsource service providers licensed to use PTMS. For more information, visit