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Minimize Your Time, Expenses, and Stress by Managing Inspections with LicenseHQ

LicenseHQ centralizes inspection and violation data and manages corrective measures to minimize non-compliance

While the inconvenience caused by inspections may be temporary, how you handle their aftermath can devastate your business if you fail to take the necessary corrective measures. Most inspections result in violations or the imposition of corrective actions and follow-up inspections, which if mishandled can result in fines, closures, and potentially disastrous public relations. Considering the risks involved, it is alarming that many companies rely on a hodgepodge of spreadsheets or hand-written to-do lists to manage inspections and subsequent violations.

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LicenseHQ Minimizes Time Spent on Inspection Management and Your Exposure

LicenseHQ tracks the entire inspection life cycle from initiation, the inspection itself, violations, plan of action, corrective measures taken, and payments to a successful resolution. LicenseHQ:

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