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LicenseHQ Benefits in Greater Detail

LicenseHQ Business License Software is Your License Headquarters

Organize Your License Data

LicenseHQ software gives you access to all your relevant license, location, and payment information in an easily accessible database saving you time and eliminating the need for spreadsheets and overflowing filing cabinets. As a Web-based application with no per-user fee, LicenseHQ empowers regional and site managers to maintain their own data, renew their own licenses, and retrieve information as needed. LicenseHQ drastically reduces the time you spend looking for supplemental documentation (application forms, renewal forms, copies of checks, spreadsheets) by linking all important files and documents to your license records.

Control Your Compliance Process

The LicenseHQ Dashboard summarizes all pending license tasks by date range in an easy-to-read format ensuring you control your license compliance process. The flexibility to customize license and payment tasks, at the system level or individual license level, ensures managers can setup and implement general compliance procedures while still providing the versatility to handle special situations. As each task is completed, LicenseHQ automatically assigns the next task based on your predefined workflow preferences. The LicenseHQ Task Status Bar instantly communicates the compliance status of any license saving time for both compliance personnel and managers alike. The Task Status Bar uses a color coded system to indicate if tasks are complete, pending and requiring attention, past due, or on the distant horizon.

LicenseHQ Business License Software is Your License Headquarters

Minimize Compliance Time

Tired of wasting your time searching the Web for obscure license and renewal forms? LicenseHQ customers minimize their compliance costs by accessing the largest collection of federal, state, county, and local license forms available on the Web. The Online License Database puts more than 50,000 current business license, permit, and tax registration application and renewal forms at your fingertips, covering every licensing authority in the U.S. All forms are Adobe PDF documents and may be completed online.

Interface with AP

LicenseHQ reduces manual data entry and the errors associated with it by creating paper or electronic payment requests for submission to your Accounts Payable department. Managers can implement approval procedures within LicenseHQ to ensure payment requests receive necessary review prior to submission. You can group multiple invoices in a single payment request or submit them as individual requests. LicenseHQ uses your existing General Ledger account numbers on all payment requests.

LicenseHQ Business License Software is Your License Headquarters

Access Compliance Research Tools

Have you been keeping up with changes to local ordinances? Are you certain the proper licensing research was ever performed for your existing locations? Prevent location closures or other non-compliance costs by ensuring you have all the licenses you need for your current business operations. LicenseHQ can initiate an audit comparing your current licenses and business operations with jurisdictional requirements for all sites in LicenseHQ. The resulting Gap Analysis Report highlights any missing licenses or other license compliance issues so you may take immediate action.

Are you certain you know what licenses you need for new locations? Can you really afford to risk the revenue losses if you’re mistaken? Using LicenseHQ, complete a simple questionnaire detailing your proposed operations at each location and receive a report within several business days summarizing your compliance requirements. The report is a customized electronic package containing all the business license, permit, and tax registration applications required to operate your business.

Protect Your Company

LicenseHQ structures, organizes, and secures business license and permit data to comply with SOX requirements. The workflow structure ensures procedures are followed. Management may set approval limits on all account transactions. LicenseHQ’s security settings enable managers to grant or withhold access to any area of the system. As tasks are performed, relevant data is locked to create a complete year-to-year data history. LicenseHQ’s audit log documents the actions performed by each user.

LicenseHQ provides you with peace-of-mind in the event of employee turnover. New hires get up to speed in a matter of hours with our on-line training tools. Access to your LicenseHQ database from anywhere means you can easily outsource the management of your licenses and permits to home-based workers.