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Allied Property Tax Consultants, License Consultants, and Other Vendors

Property Tax Consultants, License Consultants, and Other Vendors

Most corporate tax departments at one time or another require outside assistance from outside tax consultants. Such help may come in the form of the complete tax outsourcing to handling more limited tasks such as audits, appeals, or the outsourcing of certain troublesome tax returns. With so many options, itís hard to know who to trust, and the benefits of each vendor are not always clear.

To complement its software and services TCI has developed alliances with tax consulting vendors, and other tax software firms, to provide joint customers with a complete state and local tax solution. Such firms include:

AOSP Resource Center

The AOSP Resource Center (reserved exclusively for Allied Outsource Service Providers) offers valuable documents, utilities, and procedures designed to streamline the process of implementing their clients' data within their TCI software products.